Clearwater Reboring and Custom Barrels

Thanks for looking us up at Clearwater Reboring and Barrelmaking. We have been in this end of the business since 2005 and have produced top quality work and products, using cut-rifling technology that has changed little in a hundred years. There are many good barrel-makers around currently, but the successful craftsmen are the ones that take the time to do it right. This is not fast, and it is not cheap, but it produces the best quality barrels and reboring available. This type of work requires attention to every detail and quality control throughout all phases of the process.



Cut-Rifled Barrels and Best-Quality Reboring

We produce only one kind of finish product here - Best Quality. We do not sell any barrels that will not pass our inspections. It might be possible to recoup a few dollars once in awhile by doing so, but we do not believe there is much future in knowingly producing less than our best effort. There are many sources for lesser quality barrels and less expensive barrels. When it comes to building a one-of-a-kind personal firearm, we believe that barrel quality is not a wise place to cut corners.